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SASARI | Students Abroad Sexual Assault Resource Initiative


Goals for SASARI

Find professionals and allies to provide feedback on ~70 page resource document.  It needs to be as relevant and user friendly as possible.

Determine the feasibility of financial incentives for input on resources document.

Determine how to get resources out to future study abroad participants and student travelers in general.

Secure dedicated professionals who care about and will invest in the well-being of our students, furthering student safety, and demonstrate devotion to the long term success of SASARI with the students, our future, the priority.

Speak – tell my story.

Continue to trust the Lord and grow in faith.

To All Survivors:

Never give up hope and explore every option towards your healing; even when you feel it is you against the world. 🕯

Proposed SASARI Mission

What is our mission at SASARI?

We educate students, staff, faculty, family and community leaders engaged in student travel on issues of sexual violence, equipping them with the understanding and resources required to prevent, respond to, and recover from a sexual assault.  We know that educating those involved strengthens individuals, supports families and creates safer communities.

At SASARI, we value:

  • BUILDING COMPASSION: We are comfortable, confident and can ascertain more when we’re seeing compassionately.
  • BUILDING COMMUNITY: We are healthier, happier and can accomplish more when we’re working together.
  • BUILDING CAPACITY: We are more productive, powerful and can achieve more when we’re being developed.

In pursuit of our mission and in line with out values, we at SASARI are resolved to:

  • Promoting collaboration between all parties engaged in the safety of students abroad;
  • Providing a platform to create awareness; and
  • Offer vital resources for students and staff to be equipped.

SASARI Founder’s Story

My name is Callie and I founded Students Abroad Sexual Assault Resource Initiative (SASARI) in 2014.  I was raped while studying abroad in 2005.  I am currently in the process of exchanging all of the suffering I underwent into positive change.  When I studied abroad the only way I would participate was if I would be in an English speaking country because it sounded like the safest bet to me.  When I found out a friend would be joining me I felt extra safe.  Those feelings of safety disappeared when I was raped.  So much has changed since I studied abroad.  Cell phones were left turned off, bystander intervention was unheard of, and emergency contraception wasn’t an option that I was aware of.  My home campus didn’t get their first sexual assault advocate until 5 years after I was raped abroad.  Campus sexual assault was unheard of.  There are many barriers that exist and there is so much work that needs to be done, but I am confident that change is possible.  I believe it is my purpose in life to bring awareness to and transform this cause.  My goal is to be the expert on study abroad sexual assault.  Help is out there, go find it.

Website Suggestions Sought

I believe our students traveling abroad deserve the best.  I created this website knowing I want people to help me improve what is available on my website.  I believe there is always room for improvement.  Please e-mail me with any ideas in regards to website material!  The website is always evolving, so make sure to keep checking back!

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