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Website Edits – 2 | SASARI

Website Edits – 2

Hello Students Abroad Sexual Assault Resource Initiative Blog Readers,

Over the last few weeks I have been busy adding material to the SASARI website.  There is simply too much information to list out in a blog post.  I would, however, encourage you to reread over my two main pages (Traveling Abroad? and Get help now) to catch the new material and refresh yourself on the old.  On the About SASARI page I did put the updated mission, values, and purpose on there so be sure to check it out.  If you would like to contribute resources or information in general to my website please do not hesitate to contact me at  As a reminder, please do not ever decrease your programming because of the information you gather from SASARI.

If you know of someone that might benefit from SASARI’s resources, let them know how to find us.




Kind Regards,


SASARI Founder


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